what is in win

In Win is the company behind your latest power supply components and PC cases. It is keen to note that all In Win products observe the ROHS code of practice during production. Unbelievably, the company has been in existence since 1985. In Win is known to be the best producers of PSUs and PC cases. This is so because of their years of experience, PSUs and PC specialization. What’s In Win been up to since 1985? Widespread variety of cases including the production of affordable towers and exceptional designs.

In Win Super Micro designs have innovatively combined glass and LED cases. The logo made from LED is perfectly placed at the see-through front panel. It acts as an indicator that lets you know once your PC has been activated.

Among the best In Win product

You know how you always require tools to get inside your PC’s hardware? With In Win Super micro designs, tools are not in their vocabulary. They’ve innovatively come up with the 303 design that allows you to access your computer’s PC with just a push of a button. You could also go for a thumb screw option if you liked.

In Win’s super Micro designs guarantee’s you, the end user a wholesome technological experience!